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Day 1

Feb. 14th, 2016 05:35 pm
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So I just can't seem to stick with keeping my weight off. I am excellent at maintaining but that's about. I gave up pop with having it once or twice over the last year. I also gave up juice too much sugar. I was before the weather got really nasty cold in december walking 6k steps during lunch. I switched to our companies gym then New Years came and everyone who decided to get fit. Started gong to the gym so I backed off. I am waiting for it to back off and start going again. (Three treadmills and 200 employees have access to the gym.)

I eat fairly decent but quantity is too much. I love food too much. I have done weight watchers, last summer and failed. I lost 8lbs but didn't keep it off.

So this is new program is fairly easy. I am basically rebooting my metabolism. I have been given weight management drops, detox drops and liquid B12 and multivitamin. I take the detox drops for 4wks before every meal. The weight management drops before every meal for 6wks and the multivitamin 1 at am and 1 at pm. Along with eating health from the food list that was provided. Like white fish, turkey, chicken, veal etc. Green veggies and certain fruits. Drinks that I am allowed to have are black coffee or tea, green tea, water.. Everything has to be made fresh and not come prepackaged. I have to check in with my weight daily by texting it to the doctor. Keep food journal. And see the doctor every 10 days for a check up. What is nice is they provided recipes that use the food that are allowed.

I've shared this with Todd and he is really negative about the whole situation because I told him I will cook but will only cook what's allowed. It's a benefit for him as well but whatever. I was reluctant to even post about it here because negativity is not what I need right now. Anyways, below is a phot taken today. I will post a photo and stats weekly. I may post daily on how I feel and of course my food journal will be posted daily.


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